Upcoming Projects

Upcoming Projects

We are actively in development on stories that span different eras and nations on vital subjects of our time, such as:

#MeToo – Based on the Best Selling Novel: The Forgotten Hours by Katrin Schumann. Limited Series, Drama, entitled: The Seventh Summer. Details Here

Addiction/Exploitation/Wellness – Serial Drama – Lacuna Detox  The exclusive (fictional) Lacuna Resort in Big Sur, California features a staff who believe the guests’ wellness is in their hands, when in fact, their fates are intertwined by a looming threat. Creators: Ben Wachtel & Sarah Connors

Racism – Untitled Jazz Icon project. Serial Drama (based on ‘the life of’ research), Jessica Green Producing partner.

Climate Change – Untitled Michael Cuesta project, Serial Drama, Science-Fiction.

Please check back for details, and let us know what interests you.