David Zeltser & Max Faugno, writing team, meeting early-on in San Francisco developing the story.

Upcoming Project


Narrative Feature Film, Original Screenplay

Screenwriters David Zeltser & Max Faugno

The Runaway is a story about doing whatever it takes to make your own family when the one you have fails you. Our 10 year old hero, Jackie Wheeler, busts-out of her depressed town on her blue Schwinn bike, finally, desperately, sparking her overwhelmed mother to take action, and discover hope.

Sarah and Max Faugno, location scouting.


We’re excited that Olivia’s vision of the story is in the latest draft of the script. She is a gifted screenwriter and narrative filmmaker who grew up in Connecticut and California. Her first feature film Arcadia, starring Oscar nominee John Hawkes , won the Crystal Bear at the Berlin Film Festival, the Adrienne Shelley Award at the Nantucket Film Festival, and the Grand Prize at the Cine Junior Festival, among others. At the script stage, Arcadia was selected for the Sundance Producing Lab, the Film Independent Director’s Lab, IFP/No Borders and the Berlinale Talent Project Market. Arcadia is available on Amazon Prime.

Olivia is a dual U.S.-French citizen and lives in Brooklyn, NY with her husband and children. She was a Spotlight-winning director at the UCLA MFA Film Directing program and is a graduate of Williams College.

“Ms. Silver’s ability to translate the liminal into cinematic terms, to catch those moments between innocence and knowing, childhood and adulthood, unforgiving and forgiving, makes her someone to watch.” – Manohla Dargis, NY Times

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