Jeffrey Kimball


Jeffrey Kimball

Former VP of Music at Miramax, Music Supervisor, Documentary Filmmaker: Birders: The Central Park Effect

“I hired Sarah straight out of film school. I appreciated her energy and her obvious smarts….she became quite adept in the complex world of rights checking, music licensing, and creative placement of songs. Like me, she was really a film person who happened to understand music, and she always brought her filmmaking savvy to the job. She was an invaluable member of our team, operating in a fast-paced, often stressful environment – we were working simultaneously on large productions for Robert de Niro, Steven Soderbergh, and Nancy Savoca – and I appreciated how she “owned” the work and always had the big picture in mind. Even then, straight out of school, Sarah was a producer at heart. I’m excited to see what she has has in-the-works.”

Sarah Pictured with Jeff Kimball, right, and Oscar® winning screenwriter Geoffrey Fletcher @ City Winery NYC Dec 2018